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"Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers." Galatians 6:10

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Why teach English?

According to Paul Eshleman of the Jesus Film Project, “English is the language of diplomacy and the international market place. More than half of the world’s newspapers, scientific and technical journals are printed in English. It is the language of three-fifths of the world’s radio stations and three-fourths of the world’s mail. Truly English has become the window to the world!”

Moreover, English is the language in which most of the Biblical materials are printed, making it difficult to train Cambodian national pastors and leaders without a working knowledge of English.

The HAP curriculum has two major goals. First, to meet the specific English needs of the Cambodian people of pronunciation, reading and reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing composition. Second, to provide a program method for non-professional teachers to plug into and use. Any adult English-speaking American can plug into this program and teach the English language curriculum provided. The material is also designed for multi-level settings to meet the needs of everyone, no matter how much or how little English he or she may know.

Included in the method of teaching is the use of the Jesus Film in English/Khmer; the NT book of Luke in English/Khmer; the use of NT parables and stories from the Old Testament. All of this is organized and supplemented with traditional English instructional material

Our ministry however, is much broader than teaching English. HAP is committed to a holistic leadership development in our ministry approach. The Western church has been taught that evangelism and church planting is the paramount work of missions. For generations, this may have been true. Now, however, nearly every country has some sort of national church. There are very few truly “unreached people” groups left on the planet. Since it is true that nearly every country has some kind of national church, our mission focus is on change from church planting and evangelism to nurturing churches and church leadership. It is to develop the kind and quality of leaders who do not need foreigners around in order to see churches planted and growing. It is to develop leaders who have a biblical vision for a lost world. It is to develop leaders who have learned how to trust God for the resources to do God’s work.

What do pastors and leaders need? They need an example of Christian character and living. They need an example of Christian humility, ie; someone who doesn’t have all the answers (or all the money). They need to see God’s Hand at work in answer to their prayers. They need a model of stability.

HAP uses its ministry teams to reach out and share their faith through the use of their personal talents, skills and hobbies, in a variety of ways outside the classroom setting. In this way they can share their faith to unbelievers and model the Christian life for Cambodian believers as they develop their own leadership skills.